Dialing in from cell phone then back out through FreePBX so call originates from the office

On our old NEC system each of our cell phones had a specific DID that could be dialed to get into the phone system. The system would give us a standard dial tone like we’d just picked up a desk phone. We could dial other extensions but most importantly we could dial an outside number and the call would look like it’s coming from our office. Well, it would be coming from our office. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what this feature was called but I’m curious if FreePBX has something similar? When our employees call customers back we don’t want their cell phone numbers being visible, and we want the customers to see our office number so they know who is calling.

Some of us have Zulu installed and we can make calls through that, but not everyone wants another app installed on their phone. It would be great if there was a way to dial in then make an outgoing call.


It’s called DISA 'Direct Inward System Access"

Thanks. Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing the term to search for.

Sangoma Connect has been excellent for this very situation for us. We transitioned from Zulu a few weeks ago and it is so much better on cell phones… Still using Zulu on the PC for interoffice chat feature.
Works great. Not wanting an app on your phone is another issue…

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