Dialing external number not working from Ring Group, Google Voice


I am one day in to setting up a FreePBX system, zero previous experience with anything related to this. So please be patient if I do not provide the right information.

I am running PBX In a Flash Green on an EC2 instance. I was finally able to get incoming and outgoing calls working with Google Voice and several different VoIP soft phones. Now I am attempting to set up a Ring Group that will call a cell phone.

I entered my cell phone number in the Ring Group extensions list, trying both with and without 1 before the number, followed by the # suffix. I also added an internal extension just to make sure the ring group is working.

The internal extension rings but the cell phone does not. My dialing patterns for Google Voice are as follows -
+NXXNXXXXXX / Google Voice CID
1NXXNXXXXXX / Google Voice CID
(1) | NXXNXXXXXX / Google Voice CID

Again, outgoing calls work fine with my soft phones, just cannot seem to make the call internally with the ring group.

Ideas? Please let me know what additional information you require. Thanks!

I decided to sign up with SIPSTATION and everything works after installing the module. But if anyone knows why this did not work with Google Voice, let me know…


Were you dialing in from outside the system, and how many google voice trunks did you have?

I was attempting to create a Ring Group that called my cell phone, so I guess that would be considered dialing from inside the system? And I believe I only had one Google Voice trunk. Outgoing calls through VOIP software (X-Lite in this case) worked fine, just not internally with the Ring Group.

I’m wondering if the problem may have been the Dial Patterns? Again, I switched to SIPSTATION and now everything works; however this time I used the Dial Pattern Wizard to set up whatever looked good.

Ok what I was asking is were you making your call from an extension internal to your PBX or were you making the call from a phone line external to the PBX.