Dialing Delay

Hello, first of all I thank you for reading this one out

It’s my first time doing a PBX installation (for a school project) and I have managed to install the server and get a couple of IP phones (Cisco SPA 301) and several softphones to communicate with each other.

The problem that I had is that when I try to call to another internal extension, there is a delay of approximately 10 seconds before the call begins. As I read in the forums this can be bypassed by pressing the # button (because the system waits for the other digits)on the phone and that this can be fixed permanently by configuring a dial plan.

This is where I get confused as the system requires me to configure trunks to be able to configure a dial plan. The questions are as follow:

1.Is there any way to limit the dialing time, the max amount of digits or to filter the extensions based on a dial plan? (I’m just doing internal calling)

2.If so, how could I configure the trunks and the dial plan so I can achieve the necessary filtering in my local network?

And one last one (this is kind off topic)

3.Can I use a softphone and a physical phone in a synchronous way so that when I dial in the softphone I could use the physical phone headset to speak (just use the softphone as a virtual quick dial button)?

P.S: As for question 3, the project requires me to do exactly that.

The dial plan on the trunk is separate from the dial plan on the phone. You need to configure a digit map on the phone so it dials internal and external calls without having to press send.

Download the Cisco SIP software guide for the SPA series and read the digit map/dial plan section.

You could program your dial plan or digit map, but you’d be better of changing the dialing delay. Waiting 10 seconds is way too long. I can’t remember what Cisco calls this particular setting, so you’ll just have to get the Cisco administration guide and read it.

As to your question #3, the answer is no. If you want to use a softphone, you’ll need to hook up a headset to your computer.

I have to disagree with Admom… not programming the digit map is sloppy. Users deserve better. This is why VoIP has a lousy reputation.

You aren’t disagreeing with me. I agree that not programming your digit map is sloppy. However, I’d start by changing the dialing delay in order to determine that the problem IS the digit map. It might be something else entirely.

Also, in some instances, it might be impossible to program the digit map to send out internal calls immediately.

For example, I allow ten digit dialing, i.e. area code + number, without a 1. My extension numbers are 4xx. No digit map in the world is going to cover both scenarios without also adjusting the timer.

I have the same problem do you have solved ? i have cisco spa 501g.