Dialing Delay Between Extensions (Not Dialplan)

Hi and thanks in advance,

I have an unusual problem where there is a ~5 second delay on all calls to SIP extensions. This includes calls from extension to extension or incoming calls.

Watching the Asterisk console, I can see that the delay is between the Asterisk Dial() command the the phones beginning to ring. Incoming calls are answered and routed to an IVR normally. Only when the IVR dials an extension is the delay apparent on incoming calls.

    -- Executing [[email protected]:44] Dial("DAHDI/1-1", "SIP/5000,15,Ttr") in new stack
---------------- 5 second delay -------------
  == Using SIP RTP TOS bits 184
  == Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5
    -- Called SIP/5000
    -- SIP/5000-00000000 is ringing

The phones are all older Polycom 501’s. They all have the dialplan empty (like I always do) and users all hit ‘send’ to dial all calls. This is not a phone dialplan issue.

The PBX is a new and fully updated FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-27 that replaced an older Asterisk system. This is a newer FreePBX and Asterisk than I have ever used before.

I don’t think the issue is DAHDI related, but I’ve tried two different Digium analog boards anyway. This is the only FreePBX Distro I’ve ever used with an analog card though and I’m not very familiar with them any more.

I’ve been all over the networking. It’s all correct and working perfectly.

I have never had to troubleshoot an issue like this.

Thanks for any ideas,