Dialing DAHDI Trunk and Page Group at same time

We have installed Freepbx on Prem at a client site.

We are using a DAHDI card as an outbound trunk that is connected to a Valcom bell and paging unit. Any analog phone connected to the Valcom unit that dials 50 is able to connect to the speakers to make announcements.

I was able to set up an outbound route that will allow phones connected to the PBX to accomplish this same thing. The trouble I’m running in to is as follows: I am trying to create some sort of feature code or extension that will allow certain extensions to use this DAHDI trunk and a paging group that I defined in Freepbx at the same time in order to make announcements using both the Valcom unit and the phone speakers simultaneously .

So far I have tried adding the following to extensions_custom.conf:

include => page-all

exten => 15,1,NoOp(Custom Context: Page Group 60 and Dial Extension 50 in Outbound Route when 15 is dialed)
exten => 15,n,Page(Group:60) ; Replace 60 with the actual group number you want to page.
exten => 15,n,Dial(ValcomPage/50) ; Replace "OutboundRoutename" with your actual outbound route name.
exten => 15,n,Hangup()

The result of this is, I am able to dial 15 to initiate some sort of call but its not reaching the valcom unit or the page group.

Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated!

You would probably need start a ‘conference’ to bridge more than two endpoints. (you have extension 15 , page and valcompage)

Thanks for the suggestion. I will look in to this.

There’s an implied conference in Page().

I wasn’t aware of “group:” and can’t find documentation, and I would have thought that the ValCom dialstring would have started with “DAHDI/”. However, given the right dialstring formats, I would have thought you could just have had Page(dialstring1&dialstring2)

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