Dialing 0

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As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we’re migrating to a FreePBX based system. Our current system allows people to dial 0 to reach the operator, but I can’t get this to work in FreePBX. Even if I define a 0 extension, I’m unable to call it, though the phone can place outbound calls.

I’m assuming from this that this isn’t such a good idea, but I need to replicate the functionality, at least for now, anyway. I did notice that when we configured our IVRs and Day/Night group, dialing 0 would take you to the active IVR.

Any ideas?

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many questions… What version of things are you running? what phones are you using? It is possible that the phone you are using has a internal dialplan that does not allow for a single digit dial.

What exactly happens when you do it, what does the asterisk CLI say?

The more info you provide the better it will be in helping you out.

We’re using Asterisk, FreePBX Polycom IP 500/501s and 600/601s. These phones have the same configuration as on the old PBX, and the “0” dialing was working there, but we had a 0 extension in the dialplan, like any other extension. I’m trying to do that here, but can’t figure out how to do it with a Custom Extension. I’ve rigged it up for now by creating a 0 extension, then configuring Follow-Me by taking out the 0 extension and adding the extension that I want to ring. But I don’t know if that will cause other problems.

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Do you have 0 set up in your IVR?

In our IVR we define zero there that goes to a ring group to ring the phones you need.


It’s not just from the IVR; people call the Operator from their desk phones. I just realized that I just needed to set the destination if no answer to the extension I want. And now you can dial 0 from the IVR without an entry defined

We create a ring group called 0, and place the extension that we want it to ring to. When she/he goes on vacation I have one place to change it, when we hire somebody to help out during the busy season I add it to the ring group. It’s real simple. The only other place I needed to define it was in the IVR to make 0 dial the ring group.