Dialer from Chrome


I am looking for an add on to Chrome that allows me to click on a phone number on a web page and have Freepbx/Asterisk call me with a connection to that number?

Any hints?


A properly set up google voice account can do that

Check out the Noojee Click chrome extension. Works great.

Thanks for your answer dicko; I am not familiar with Google Voice, so I did not know that you could do such things.

Unfortunately we run Asterisk 1.8 and I cannot change that. Google Voice needs Asterisk 11 for this.

I see that my question was not precise enough:

I am looking for an extension that can dial a phone number on any webpage through my Chrome browser and through communicating with FreePBX/Asterisk 1.8 via port 5038 (Asterisk AIM).
(I use TBDialOut in Thunderbird and that works great, but now I am looking for my browser.)

Thanks lgaetz. I had downloaded that before and it looked promissing. However, I did not get it to communicate with the Asterisk AIM on Port 5038.

How have you set it up?

Did you have to install Noojee Software on your PBX?

I’ve used Noojee with both Chrome and Firefox successfully in the past, but no longer using either so I can’t confirm that either is still working. One thing to note is that Noojee does not connect to the AMI on 5038 it connects the the http manager on 8088. To connect successfully you need to confirm that the http manager is running, what the port and prefix are and have valid manager credentials.


I just found this, I guess this is what I have to do.


Note the date of that tutorial, it is from 2008 and much is out of date for current FreePBX versions. Virtually all of the FreePBX/Asterisk confug is done with the GUI now.

I am not talking about a google voice connection directly, just have your google voice number set to call your asterisk based phone concurrently.

Hey guys, i actualy built a plug in like this for my own use.
I built it for freepbx but i think it should work for any asterisk based system.

This includes YouTube links to configure.

I think i will makea post about this so everyone can see,.


Fop 2 does does this