Dialed Number Manipulation Rules - EASIER IS NOT BETTER

Trunk “Outgoing Dial Rules” used to have a Listbox where you could PASTE the rules. I have several systems where there are over 200 entries. This will take forever to enter with the new “Dialed Number Manipulation Rules”. I understand this is designed to make it easier for some but has created a huge problem.

Please don’t suggest the Dial Rules Wizard - as it does not work for this application.

Please put a system option or button which would allow toggling between the old List Box and the new templated List Box method.

Until then, advice on how to import these entries would be appreciated.

…shows that you’re SOL.
I have a similar issue, I want to use the command-style because the whole web is full of those examples, but can’t.

What would be nice is an export facility to complement the csv import facility that was introduced with the new layout, this would be a great help when required to transfer large entries from system to system.