Dial VM?


I want to set up something kind of weird. I want to set it up so that when you dial an extension (let’s say 503), it will go to the voicemail menu for a different extension (502) (this is for our company’s shared voicemail). I would also like to use the ‘s’ option.

I tried using the voicemailmenu cmd as a custom trunk and pointing an ext to that, but that seemed to have failed.

Where would I put the logic to do that?

Zack Magee :slight_smile:

Actually not wierd at all. It’s documented here:




Thank you, that was very helpful :slight_smile: Having said that, I want kind of a different set up. I want all my users to be able to dial *97 and have their personal voicemail. I also want my users to be able dial 503, and be immediately presented with the main menu for mailbox 502. Is this possible?

Thank you :slight_smile:

If there is no particular reason for dialing “503” exactly, see what happens when you dial 503. I don’t like to use custom coding if at all possible as it is entirely likely that a future upgrade may break it.


I figured it out :slight_smile: I put a line in extensions_custom.conf, and set it so *96 opens the voicemail main menu for ext 502, which is used solely as the shared voicemail.

Thanks everyone!