Dial tone drops for in-calling people

Just installed Freepbx, works very nice with my yealink T20
Calling and being called, however after a few rings, the people who call me from the outside don’t hear a ringtone anymore, my phone keeps ringing, and when i pickup the phone i get a connection.

However it is very confusing for the one who calls me they don’t heasr anything anymore after few rings.
I allready tried changing settings/advanced settings/Ringtime default to 120
and checked if the asterisk dial options contain “Tr” ( played arround with that to)

Kind Regards

Turn on SIP debug and watch what happens “after a few rings”

I wonder if your media ports are not opened all the way, maybe the ports change at some point in the call?.. I am not sure, just speculation. As Dicko mentioned, the debug should help to answer that.

SIP Debug might help, but check your firewall logs too. This sounds like the RTP UDP ports are getting jacked up. Not sure specifically why, but this sounds like the “KEEP ALIVE” setting for the outbound ports might not be working.

That is exactly why I made my suggestion . . .

There will unlikely be any trace in “firewall logs” (wherever they might be and howerver verbose) because the connection is a “related” one precipitated by an already “accepted” connection, go read the manuals if you don’t understand how it SIP and IP routing through iptables works.

The SIP debug will reveal the rport and ip it is being initially sent to , that is apparently failing but you should not be “unsure why” after chasing your network down. Start there and work your way out. . .