Dial Plans W/ Multiple Sip trunks


I have 2 Sip’s as of now and am working on a dial plan for outgoing calls. I wish there were a way to define extensions per SIP. For example, extensions 1 and 2 are going to use voip.ms and 3 and 4 are using google voice. My understanding is its all done within the dial plan. The only way I can think of setting it up is
Dial 9 then the number for sip 1
Dial 8 and the number for sip 2

Is there a better way? Or any recommendations on how else it could be configured.

Thanks for all your support!


I think this is my answer! Here’s my new problem though? You have to get a registration code for the module. I have registered my deployment and orded the module, but I still don’t see it on my pbx? I have looked both under extensions and outbound route’s. Is there anything I missed?

Registered Deployment
Purchased the module
It said wait 30 mins for it to be processed
30 mins have passed and it now says its processed.
rebooted pbx

But not seeing it?

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You have to register your deployment in sysadmin module.

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Got it working. This makes it so much easier for me. This really is a must have module for some users. Wow, you saved me hours.