Dial Plan with ** in it

Firstly, I live in an area where local numbers are 8 digits, starting with a three. When combined with the fact that FWD uses 393 as a dial prefix, and can have 5 or six digit numbers, it is now very easy to have overlap between 393-XXXXX as a FWD Call, and 393X-XXXX being a local call.

As such I want to flag anything going to FWD. One way to do this would be to preamble it with a dialing code i.e. 011-393-XXXXXX. But then, I am not even sure if there is a country out there, with a 39 country code,or the like, so the other approach that came to mind is having

**393-xxxxxx where the ** would flag this a a VSP Call, specifically via FWD.

The Question is, how do I identify and strip **'s in my dial rules.

Or can someone suggest a better way of doing this. Or can I/should I assume that all of the unique VSP codes (393 et al) will integrate nicely with the map of international country and area codes…

In your outbound routes you could enter:


That will strip the ** and dial the numbers after the “|” symbol. Be careful using “**” as that is the call pickup sequence for Asterisk.