Dial Plan to transfer to old system?

Hi there.
While we slowly migrating to FreePBX, I still need to have calls juggled between the two systems.
Most importantly, calls should be able to get transferred to the old system, with extensions being dialed in.

Currently, the way we do it, is by pressing transfer, dialing the DID which goes to the old system, then dialing the extension number, then completing the transfer. What I would want to do is, the following;

Dialing a feature code, say *888, followed by an extension number, say 123, should dial DID, pause, 123.

In this way, a user can simply press blind transfer, *888123 and the call will reach its destination.

That sounds like a really hard way. Can you establish a SIP connection between the two systems, or are you limited to only bouncing out to the PSTN.

If you can direct connect the servers, you should be able to set up the extensions on the FreePBX server so that you can connect to the other server through the LAN.

Even if you are forced to bounce out into the PSTN, you should still be able set up a custom extension that dials the phone for you when you press the extension number “as if” it is located on the local server.

I have the system connected over SIP, and I just added an outbound dial pattern for an extension and it works!!

Did not realize how simple this is!

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