Dial Plan to get rid of the Send button on Sangoma phones to initiate a call

FreePBX, Sangoma phones and Vega FXS gateways
I have extensions by building number which uses 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx and 5xx.
On the Sangoma phones is there a way to eliminate having to use the “Send” button to initiate the call?
Or do I have to setup Dial Plan to use a 9 for external calls.
One of the problems I have is the analog extensions wait almost 5 seconds before the caller hears the phone start ringing. If the analog phone caller dials the 3 digit extension and then the # key the call starts ringing immediately.
Is this a dial plan issue or am I missing something else?

The phone waits a predefined number of seconds before finally matching the dialed numbers against its internal dial plan. You are not missing anything, that is just the way all phones work. Some phones allow to modify this waiting time, some don’t. Dialing the # tells the phone to stop collecting digits and match the digits that have been dialed immediately. The SEND button does the same thing. You could check and see if your particular phone allows to modify the waiting time.

Under End Point Manager pick the template under option>dialplan pattern copy and paste

Dial TimeOut Now 0

This should do it

I recommend against dialing 9 for external calls. For example, if incoming numbers are shown without the 9, callback from history won’t work, you can’t save the number as a contact, and CDRs will show different formats for incoming and outgoing. If you prefix caller IDs with a 9, the phone may format them incorrectly and they are harder to read.

However, you can set the phone and gateway dial plans so external numbers (10 or 11 digits) dial out immediately, though you’ll still have to press #/send or wait the delay when dialing internally.

The only way to have both internal and external numbers dial immediately is to use extension numbers that aren’t the beginning of a valid external number, which is probably not feasible on your existing system. For example, a system with fewer than 200 extensions could use 1000-1199. Or, a system with extensions 200-799 could require dialing 1 for external domestic calls.

Since most of the complaints are about the analog phones - lobby and shop phones, can this dialplan be just added to the Vega FXS gateways? And would it mess with the FAX machines?

If you live in a locale in NANPland and can use 11 digit dialing don’t use extensions beginning with 1 and are 4 digits long, use “nxxx|1nxxnxxxxxx|*xx” as your dialstring on the ata

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With the help of Sangoma Support the answer was pretty simple. The Sangoma default template (which I built from) had the “Dial Entry Timeout” set to 0 which means never timeout and send the digits dialed. We set it to 3 seconds. Now the users do not have to hit Send - if they wait 3 seconds. That fixed all the Sangoma phones. For the Vega FXS analog phones the “DTMF Time Out” was set to 5 seconds. We reduced that to 3 seconds.

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