Dial Plan Problem

Hi Everyone,

I have problems doing outbound calls. I am trying to call 77488888 number. I am getting number incorrect when dialling the number but the number is valid and reachable.

Please refer to the screenshot below for my dial plan config.

I am using the latest version of asterisk and PBX.


Please explain your setup. The dialplan looks like it was intended for US or Canada, and your earlier posts mentioning Twilio imply that you were in North America, but an 8-digit number such as 77488888 is not valid there.

What country is the PBX in? What country are you trying to call? If 77488888 is a ‘local’ number (does not include an area code), also post what city or area you are in. If you are sending the call via other than Twilio, post details.

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Yeahh as mentioned by Stewart1 your intended configuration is not valid for dialing 8 digits.
By the other way dial plan config first input “.” (wildcard, matches one or more characters) has reason for it?

The first pattern match is a “.” and the last is 8 digits. How could this not be setup for 8 digits. The first rule alone would catch everything

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Hi Stewart,

This is from a different setup. It’s Local Provider -> Gateway -> PBX

This was working before with dial plan “.” only unfortunately i have reinstalled PBX and updated to latest version then this happens. The number is a local Philippine number.



Anyone who can tell me what’s the problem here? Still not working :frowning:


Although you think that number is correct and reachable, your VSP disagrees, contact them for instructions as to how to dial it correctly.

Hi Dicko,

Thanks for the reply. However when the line is not connected to PBX. The number is fully reachable and correct. I don’t know what seems to be the problem when it pass through FreePBX


When it’s not connected through FPBX, it must be connected some other way, we can’t help you with that unless you tell us what ‘the other way’ is


It’s connected directly to a provider provided Telephone Hardware. As I mentioned before this was working with the old version of FreePBX. I have just updated this and it’s not working now

As I said, call your provider and ask what they expect.

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