Dial Plan and Custom Context

I am using FreePBX distro 2.9 and would like to ask people in the forum if they can recommend any good reading material on setting up and managing dial plans and custom context in FreePBX. I have been to training and worked with tech support, but still do not understand, which is frustrating to me as I have 15 year of experience with LCR and ARS in traditional phone systems. I feel I have the capacity to understand, but I am lacking good reading materials and examples.
I really like the product, but I struggle with it at times.

Thanks in advance.

Custom context is a third party module. Documentation is a bit scarce.

Basically create a custom context with the resources you want to assign to that group then put extensions/users into that context.

It’s most popular use was to have different routes for offsite locations. Now with the CID outbound routing that is not needed.

It can also create class of services such as no LD

Thank you for the reply. your reply actually sparks a thought/ comment from me. I have seen the module in freepbx for custom context under the setup–>3rd party addon. From what I can see adding anything in this section does not do anything if you start here. It seems to me this module does nothing unless you first go into ect/asterisk and add “code” into the extensions_custom.conf file
then you can tie the custom context to the devices in FreePBX. seems the steps are

  1. create an entry in the extensions_custom.conf file
  2. add the matching name of the entry in the custom context tab in FreePBX GUI
  3. in freepbx GUI go under the device tab and tie your devices to the custom context.

Please feel free to tell me that I am missing something.

You are confusing custom extensions with custom contexts.

Custom contexts is a module you install. It adds a custom context editor.

The new contexts you generate appear in the context field in extensions that has a new drop box added underneath it to select the context.

Thank you for your reply. I should have replied sooner, but I was wrapped up in a project. I see that you put quite a bit of time into the forum and I wanted to make sure that I gave thanks.
Thank you and take care