Dial Patterns

Hello All,

I would like to setup Dial Patterns.
with X. it allow any calls.
I would like to allow calls with for example +16173406140 or +32479763426
could you help me to do this?

You could use +X. or more precisely +XXXXXXXXXXX if the number of digits is always 11.

I would offer that you can allow or dissalow incrementally by the "Most Significant Number’, well ecplained

it explsins the whyfore of + and ny following the link at the bottom



fully describes NANP , us a closed dialing locale , but why yiu nedd


is neede for Belgium , an open disling locake, where all the old Belgcom numbrrs sre 9 digits, the newer competitative companies. 10 digit., To summerize , ater + (or whatever that means where you are) thw fist digit is continental, E.g.Europe is 3 or 4 , folloeing digits will further identify countries, ,states, cities, exchanges, subscribers (and in some countries, transparent extensions without the need for an IVR)

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