Dial Patterns

I have kind of a unique situation here and I’m trying to get a firm grasp on how to set up the dial patterns on my trunk.

The situation is this:

My company is in the St. Louis area, area codes 636 or 314. The issue i’m up against is that the St. Louis area is also split into different zones, within the same area code. So as it stands right now, there are certain phone numbers with the 636 area code that are considered long distance even if calling from a 636 number. This only affects some of the 636 numbers, depending on the prefix. So i’m trying to come up with a solution other than telling my users " tough luck, dial 1 and an area code when it asks you to " Any suggestions?

This is not a unique situation, most anyone using POTS for outbound calls will have the same issue. The solution is to have separate outbound routes for local and long distance and hundreds of dial patterns that distinguish between the two. There is a tool for generating patterrns here that worked for me: