Dial Patterns - Chiamata esterna senza anteporre prefisso di uscita: errore mio o bug?


Ciao a tutti,
avrei necessità di effettuare chiamate senza anteporre alcun numero. Solitamente io utilizzo un numero davanti per far instradare le chiamate esterne da quelle tra interni. Ho provato a configurare così:


Ma non funziona. Dove sbaglio?

Grazie mille

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

If google is translating correctly, you probably want a dial pattern of



Dear @lgaetz ,
I thank you for your interest and for your usual kindness and competence. I believe I have identified a conflict with my configuration of the custom_extensions.conf file. I’m a little busy right now. As soon as I have just a moment I go back to the problem and let you know if I solved it and what the problem was. If not, I’ll allow myself to ask for your precious help again. In case, if you prefer I will rewrite the entire post in the English language section.
Thank You very much.
I’ll let you know very soon!