Dial patterns and trunks

I have been banging my head against the wall on something that seems there is no easy answer for- how do enable my voip users to not have to dial a “1” before the number they are dialing? I have searched, read, paid to no avail. Can someone please help?

Prepend a 1 to either the outbound route or the trunk itself ?
Make sure there is a route to match what is dialed without a 1 as the msd.

Thanks…what exactly do you mean msd?

Most Significant Digit, for any phone system to work efficiently you need to implement a “closed” dial pattern, as you start to dial, the string will be recognized as closed as soon as there is only one conclusion as to how many further digits will be dialed, hence the common practice of starting external calls with a 9 in a pbx, (no other end points should start with a nine) in your case you should have all your endpoints start with a 1 which is limiting but guarantees that you don’t have to wait for the “digit time-out” while calling both internal and external endpoints, in NANP land for example no area or office code starts with 1 so if you make all your internal endpoints start with 1 then there will be no need to either wait for “digit timeout” (5 seconds by default) or terminate the dialling with a #.

Ok , way over my head! What should my dial plans in the trunk and outbound routes look like? Ive tried everything from reading posts and still not sure what im doing wrong…thanks for all your assistance!

As ever start with reading the wiki (keep on reading it until it is not “over your head” perhaps start with:-


Set your dial patterns to suit your needs, In my opinion it would be better to use the default 9| outbound route that came with your original setup.

Also in your outbound route there is a field for prepend.