Dial Pattern Problem? Can you see the problem?

I have an outbound route with these rules:

Dial pattern: 18886269696
Calls go out via route OK.

Dial pattern: 0018886269696
Prefix: 00
Unable to make complete calls via route.

Shouldn’t the “prefix” 00 remove the “00” and place the remainder of the numbers to outbound trunk?

The match is done on the combination of prefix and match pattern, so prefix 00 is ok, but match pattern for that route should be 18886269696 (same as the pattern without the prefix).

But I’m curious about your setup, because it’s usually best to put all numbers into a consistent format.

What country are you in? In which countries do you have DIDs? What is your normal dialing format?

The PBX is in a private cloud with SIP trunks providers from different countries. And users located in different countries (from USA to as far East as South Korea). Not too many users but one or 2 persons offices. So, that is the complexity of trying to cater the dial patterns for all sort of users.


@Stewart1 Thanks. For tip worked. Is it possible to totally replace dialled number with something totally different?

Eg, if they dial 0088912345
route is changed to 18886269696


Sure. prefix:0088912345, prepend:1888626969, match pattern:(leave blank)

My system is similar to yours. We decided on a number format starting with the country code but without the leading +. On incoming calls, both caller ID and DID are converted to this format (with a custom context if needed for each trunk). On outgoing, if the provider doesn’t accept the format for the destination number, the dialed number manipulation rules for the trunk convert it to what they require. Likewise, if necessary the outbound caller ID is converted with a ‘dialout trunk hook’.

This ensures that incoming calls can be returned from device history, that forwarded calls show the correct number of the original caller, and that CDRs show a given number in the same format, regardless of what trunk the call came in or went out on.

However, you can add additional routes to accommodate dialing preferences, calls made from external contact lists and CRM systems, and numbers pasted from websites, etc. You should allow a + before the country code. Since no country code starts with 0, you could also allow 00 as an international prefix and 0[1-9]X. for dialing to the country the extension is in (provided that the country uses 0 as a trunk access code).

You should take care that emergency calls always call the local authorities. If your users often travel between the sites, you might map multiple emergency numbers. For example, a panicked American might forget he’s in South Korea and call 911, which the system would map to 112 and send over a local trunk that supports emergency calling.

For the emergency numbers, since everybody is on softphone, I am not going to configure to cater for it for the time being. I did not realised that just by testing to call 911, we got stung with quite a large bill. :frowning:

I am seeing on some trunks, anonymous calls with no caller ID when receiving calls from certain countries. Same trunks, if I call from phones from different countries, seem to get caller ID OK. SIP Trunk provider blame it on external remote parties not sending the appropriate info. Not sure if this is fixable.

Which SIP trunk provider/s do you use for good quality reliable calls with reasonable rates (international)?


Take a look at AnveoDirect and Voxbeam. Both offer a small credit at signup so you can test without making a payment. I believe that Voxbeam requires you to sign up to see rates. These are basically dumb pipes so don’t expect any fancy features.

If you use them for incoming, beware that Voxbeam doesn’t have a good failover if your (small) PBX is down. They can send calls to multiple IP addresses, but under non-failure conditions, they will all receive a share of the traffic. AnveoDirect can be set to forward calls to a mobile phone or third-party voicemail if your PBX doesn’t respond to an INVITE within 5 seconds.

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@Stewart1 Any experience with Avoxi? Am looking for company able to provide Dubai UAE DID.

Avoxi seem to have numbers available in many countries.

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