Dial Pattern Misconfiguration

Good day,

I’m having an issue with the new dial plan in the FreePBX as I’m trying to get international calls going, specifically those in Germany (from Albania). The local dial plan is working as I’ve tested it even with inbounds, and the trunk is registered. The dial plan that I’ve tried looks as follows :

I get “All circuits are busy now”, I’ve tried with 0049…, and also 49…, and the result is always the same. Is anyone familiar with dial plans to help me troubleshoot this?

How the calls supposed to be going out like? As it is there it is adding a 0, removing a 355 from the dialed number and then sending 9 digits. 0XXXXXXXXX is sent to the trunk.
On the other rule, it’s removing the 49 from the dialed number so 00+11 digits is sent out.

Your use of the word “new” implies you’re familiar with the old FreePBX 12 method for entering dial patterns. If so, note that between the individual fields, there are the familiar +| and / characters which will help you build them.

Thank you very much for the explanation, I removed 49 from the prefix and added it to the match pattern and it is now able to dial a German number.

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