Dial pattern in a ring group?

Instead of adding all extensions in a ring group can I just add a pattern? For example I want all extensions that start with 2. So I’d add 2XXX to the extensions list?

No patterns, but try this:
Go to Admin->Bulk handler and export extensions.
Open extensions.csv in Excel.
Select the 2xxx extension numbers (they are already sorted) and click Ctrl-C (copy).
Go to the Extension List in your Ring Group and click Ctrl-V (paste).

Not quite the same, because it won’t dynamically update if you add or remove extensions.

I’m curious why you want to do this. Disturbing many people, even if only a few calls end up in the ring group, is generally disruptive.

As @Stewart1 mentions, no direct way; however, there are ways to approach this:

You could setup a reoccurring cron job script that:

  • MySQL query that pulls the existing extensions in the ring group
  • MySQL query that pulls all 2XXX extensions
  • Identify non-duplicates (2XXX extensions not on the RG already)
  • MySQL query that adds the missing extensions to the RG
  • Fwconsole Reload

Another “newer” option could be to make a script using FreePBX APIs to do esentially what I have outlined above.
Ringgroup GraphQL APIs - PBX GUI - Documentation (freepbx.org)

Core Module GraphQL APIs - PBX GUI - Documentation (freepbx.org)

That’s the purpose of this ring group. It’s the complete, no one has answered at the department, then none answered at the “operator’s” desk, fail over option. At this business each call coming in on this number is a large job. Each job is at least $10K in work. AKA these calls MUST be answered.

I will have to look into this. I am not a strong programmer by any means.

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You are in a great place to get help with specific questions as you try. There is also a Jobs section of the forum, if you would prefer to have someone else help you do the whole thing. FWIW I dont think you need to be anything close to a programmer to accomplish the above.

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