Dial pattern.for intra company

Hi all I have a sip trunk that was given by a provider that has 2 speed dial numbers. Example, 8200 goes to one branch and 8201 goes to the next. I have tested the trunk on a phone outside Freepbx and it works fine.

After loading the trunk how would you match or create a pattern. So the user can just dial 8200 and it goes to company 1

Create an outbound route with a match pattern of 820[01]

Hi thanks for this however can you explain further?

Sorry I did post before however a little confused. I get what you’re saying however excuse my ignorance but I am a little confused. It is the prefix and pripend that is confusing me here as they are none.

Any one can assist?
The custom speed dials are 8200 and 6500

I don’t understand the question here. If you want calls to 8200 to be routed to a specific trunk, you want an outbound route with a match pattern of 8200. You only need to touch the prefix and prepend fields if you want the dialed digits to be changed before sending to the trunk. You must sort outbound routes from top to bottom in order of most specific (i.e. 911) at the top to most general (i.e. X.) at the bottom.

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Thanks for this. I did not have the roots in the correct order.

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