Dial Pattern for Cisco Sip Phones to auto dial?

I have cisco SPA504G. I am used to Yealink so we have dial pattern that recognizes the 10 digit and sends the call without pressing send or dial. What works for yealink:


The cisco dial pattern is listed as :slight_smile:

How do I update this to work the same as the yealink? Users don’t want to hit dial

There are a couple changes I’d recommend:

In your Yealink, change your 911 pattern to [3469]11|988 to cover all of the possibilities.

In your Cisco SPA504G:

Try something like:


I don’t know about the S0 (unless it’s a pause or something) but that should get you started. I think that’s close - let us know if you get it working.

While we’re here: the FCC announced the ‘988’ number (which I added to your dial pattern) that should redirect to a Suicide Hotline. The actual number is ‘1-800-273-8255’ so we, as a community could get a jump on that. I’ll actually bring this up in another thread in a minute, though, so we can debate it there.

I set this and it didn’t send the call until I hit “dial”

so this does work only if you have the handset off, if you use speaker it doesn’t work

That’s totally weird, but it kind of makes sense. At least, it doesn’t violate the rule of least astonishment for me.

When the handset is down, picking up the handset or hitting the speakerphone would initiate an immediate dial (just like the dial button), so I can see why they might want to implement it that way.

There’s a setting somewhere for live dial pad in yealink which would let it do it from speaker phone as well. I believe it’s disabled by default.

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