Dial Pattern Debugging

Working with a German Number from a US provider. Struggling on the dialplan.

What is a good way to debug the dialplan?

This is about an extension in Germany that has a German number, but I am using an international carrier. It needs to follow the German number plan for international calls. I did a lot of testing.

The number I am calling is for example 0017275555555.

I would expect the fifth line of my dialplan to kick in and make it +17275555555.

But from testing, I know the fourth line kicks in and makes it +49017275555555.


I do not understand why.

The 4th line is expecting 0 (prefix) + 0 on the match pattern = 001~ . It’s kicking in and it’s expected.
The next line is expecting 00 (prefix) + 00 from the match pattern. You would have to dial 00001~ in order to use that one.

Thank you so much! Now I understand how the prefix works!

All working fine now.

And just in case someone else ever looks at it, here is a dialplan for a German number using an international provider:


(The 40 is the area code for Hamburg and might have to be adjusted to other areas.)

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