Dial Pattern Change


I am running into a problem where I cannot change my outbound dial pattern. For example if i try to add a simple dial plan as follows its get wipe out…

What I want

prepend prefix . /CallerID

But when i save it, it goes as follows

N X .

This is allowing me not to call out. How can I fix this.


Perhaps something is corrupted or misconfigured in your browser. For example, if using IE or Safari, try Firefox or Chrome. Or, try from another computer.

Was this previously working, or is it a new PBX? If the former, are you aware of any change that may have broken it? Which FreePBX and Asterisk versions?

Try adding a new Outbound Route with one simple match pattern, leaving prepend, prefix and CallerID blank.
If you are in North America, set match pattern to 1NXXNXXXXXX which should allow you to dial 1 + area code + number on most SIP providers. In most other countries, try match pattern 0XXXX. if your provider accepts national numbers beginning with 0. Otherwise, choose a pattern compatible with what your provider expects. Don’t use just “.”, because that will conflict with your extension numbers and feature codes. If the new route is accepted, move it to first priority and delete the old one if possible.

If you can’t add a new route, report whether you can make changes in other modules.

Hey Stewart;

thanks for replying… nothing was changed in this and I do not know what cause this to get corroupted… I am thinking if there was a way to go back to default instead of reinstalling…

I added this but without the prepend and the prefix in there its not dialing out. I am about to reinstall the entire box…

version is 5.211 65.-12
PBX Service Pack


Please don’t shout help three times, we understand you are in a pinch.

Reloading is ridiculous.

Send some screen shots, I don’t understand what it is doing. What happens if you just do a simple dialplan to pass everything?