Dial out issue

I’m having a baffling issue. Running FreePBX 15. I do not have the extension route or CoS modules installed.

Without having made any changes, one of my extension stopped being able to make calls to outside numbers. I get “All circuits are busy”. Nothing shows on the console.

Where it gets really weird, is that if I take a functioning phone, plug it to that specific network location, it stops being able to make outbound calls. Move it to a new network drop and it still can’t make calls.

It is almost like that extension gets banned from using the trunk.

Factory resetting the phone does not help.

Share a call trace via pastebin

Thanks Lorne.

I would if I could.
Call shows in the CDR but nothing in the log. Expanding the CDR entry gets me this:

This will not tell you the root cause. Without the log, its just guessing. Is the log issue related to this?


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