Dial Number Twice?

Hello All,

I am using Freepbx ( with a Grandstream GXW 4104 gateway that connects to my old PBX. The phone I’m using is a Grandstream GXP 2200 (awesome phone!)

Here’s the issue (hope I describe this right). I get a dial tone and proceed to make a call. I dial the number… After I dial the number, the system seems like it switches over…and gives me another dial tone. I then dial the number again. The call connects (with remarkable clarity being digital). As I’m still in the testing phase, I want to resolve this before I get more phones and fully implement the system.

I know that I shouldn’t have to dial a number twice (and get two dial tones) to make a call. Anything I did (or need to do obviously) to fix this?

Link to the Instructions I followed:

Did changing Stage Method(1/2): on FXO lines tab from ome to another have some effect?

Is the phone in the same network as the server? If not probably a network issue.