Dial into external conference including conf number and code

Hi there,

I’ve recently upgraded my old asterisk 1.8 to freepbx 14.05 based on Asterisk 15.
In the old setup I had a configuration to dial into an external webex conference call like this:
So I would type in everything at once, confnumber and confpin seperated by * (or any other sign, as confnumber is fixed length, except confpin which is at the end anyway)
For the dial command I seperated that then into
and let the dial command do calling the real webex number and do the dtmf codes after connecting using confcode and userid variables combined with w commands.

I thought I can put that into extensions_custom.conf, but I have a couple of issues here.

  1. I don’t know how I can return out of extensions_custom. Is there any return option with parameters to proceed with dialing out using an existing trunk?
  2. How could I let the trunk dial dtmf digits after connection? (Option D in dial command)
  3. Another issue I have: how do I reach the extensions_customs.conf? I’ve tried do it via Custom Destinations pointing to a confcalls,${EXTEN},1 (to reach the context in extensions_custom.conf), but the issues is that a pattern doesn’t work in Misc Application, so _600. never reached my context via Custom Destinations.

The reason why I would like to do the call via a standard trunk in the end is to not circumvent all other configuration options like e.g. call recording or other things.

In the previous Asterisk 1.8 extensions.conf I’ve solved that within 3 lines of dialplan, but here I would like to stick with freepbx configuration standards…

Any hints, how I could achieve that?

kind regards

…seems that no one else had this problem so far. But I found out a solution meanwhile.

In case someone else will face that in future or trying to deal with calling cards or similar, here is how I configured it in freepbx:
Trying to achieve that via setting up an extension via Misc Applications and then link it to custom destination and put an according dial command into extensions_custom.conf is a dead end, as freepbx doesn’t allow the user of patterns in Misc Applications. So one will never see the whole dialed number.


  1. Setup a custom trunk via “Add custom trunk” and configure in “custom Settings” a “Custom Dial String” like this:
    PJSIP/[email protected],30,D(wwww123456#wwww$OUTNUM$#)

  2. Setup an Outbound route using that trunk and set 8 in prefix and a . in match pattern.

The point is that you can use other, already existing trunks in the dial string of custom trunks.

With that configuration dialing 86541234321 will result in:

  1. stripping of the leading 8 in the outbound route
  2. Calling the number 9876540000 via PjsipTrunkName
  3. Wait for 2 seconds after connecting (wwww)
  4. DTMF send of pincode 123456 followed by #-key
  5. Wait for 2 seconds
  6. DTMF send 6541234321 followed by #-key

On the asterisk console it’s visible that freepbx still extend the dial string with it’s own timeout and dial parameters (“T”). But that simply is ignored by asterisk, so it works.

kind regards


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