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Dial into external conference including conf number and code

(Tjareson) #1

Hi there,

I’ve recently upgraded my old asterisk 1.8 to freepbx 14.05 based on Asterisk 15.
In the old setup I had a configuration to dial into an external webex conference call like this:
So I would type in everything at once, confnumber and confpin seperated by * (or any other sign, as confnumber is fixed length, except confpin which is at the end anyway)
For the dial command I seperated that then into
and let the dial command do calling the real webex number and do the dtmf codes after connecting using confcode and userid variables combined with w commands.

I thought I can put that into extensions_custom.conf, but I have a couple of issues here.

  1. I don’t know how I can return out of extensions_custom. Is there any return option with parameters to proceed with dialing out using an existing trunk?
  2. How could I let the trunk dial dtmf digits after connection? (Option D in dial command)
  3. Another issue I have: how do I reach the extensions_customs.conf? I’ve tried do it via Custom Destinations pointing to a confcalls,${EXTEN},1 (to reach the context in extensions_custom.conf), but the issues is that a pattern doesn’t work in Misc Application, so _600. never reached my context via Custom Destinations.

The reason why I would like to do the call via a standard trunk in the end is to not circumvent all other configuration options like e.g. call recording or other things.

In the previous Asterisk 1.8 extensions.conf I’ve solved that within 3 lines of dialplan, but here I would like to stick with freepbx configuration standards…

Any hints, how I could achieve that?

kind regards