Dial International Call

Hi Team,

Our company has two branches, one in China and one in Melbourne. The China branch runs MyPBX for small business and MEL runs freepbx.

I can call from MEL to China. But if call from China to MEL, the call is connected but no voice. China server(MyPBX) connects to MEL server(freePBX) using line 3. So I already tried calling from line 3 dialing Australian local number with or without adding 001161, but still no luck.

The version of freePBX is I have gone through manual but no luck. Is there any suggestion?

Thank you.

What is line 3?

If MyPBX supports IAX2 Protocol (and I think it does) and given that you should have good Internet access (SLA/Bandwidth/QoS/Continuity/Reliability) both in the australian office and in the chinese one the real question is:

Why not inter-connecting both VoIP systems through a IAX2 Trunk?

Money saving!

No more international calls between Aussie land and China branches.

Hi parnassus,

Thanks for your reply. I will give it a try.

Hi parnassus,

I might mislead you about my question. We have set up trunks between both offices so call can be made between extensions on both sides.

The question is: we want to call from China office to an Australian number outside Australian office like we do when calling from Australia to a Chinese number outside China office. The call can be connected but no voice.

Hi Leemason,

Thanks for your reply
line 3 is just one of the four lines configured on each extension.