Dial In To Record to Dropbox?

I was thinking that it would be handy to be able to dial in to my office and select folder options from an IVR that let me dictate messages that end up in different folders on my dropbox.

For example, I have dropbox folders named “todo,” “billable,” “personal” etc, and I’d like to set up an IVR that lets me dial in, pick a folder from an IVR, dictate a message and then puts the message into the right dropbox folder.

Is this something that would be hideous to do?


Doesn’t Dropbox support FTP?

If it does it would not be hard at all.

Ther are two contexts




that you could copy into the


then knock yourself out editing that file, it will do whatever you tell it.

I don’t think that dropbox supports ftp. You need the client app installed. However you can use http://dropdav.com/ to get access to dropbox via webdav. So you could mount a webdav share on the FreePBX box and drop your recordings in to the mount point for the webdav share.