Dial in for group call


I have two pjsip extensions: 23 and 24. I have set the call groups of both to be 26. If I want to call the group, should I dial in [email protected] (That’s the address of my server).

I tried this but it doesn’t work.

Thank you for your help.

That field is not used to create Ring Groups. You’re looking for the Ring Groups module:

Thank you for your help. I want to have a group call i.e. extension 25 can talk with 23 and 24 at the same time. I used ring group and it ringed on both extensions. However, if I picked up the call from one extension, I can’t pick from the other.

You’re describing a “Conference”. Each participant needs to dial into the conference

Thank you. I also had a look at that. So, in essence I can’t initiate a confrence and ring on all ends using freepbx but wait for the users to join. It seems a bit weird since the other extension’s won’t get to know that a confrence has been initiated or that they are invited.

You can initiate the dial yourself to each participant and then transfer them to the conf room once you confirm they are on the line. If you have the paid Conference Pro module, you can invite extensions to join automatically in the way you’re describing, as well as kick participants out all by using UCP.

It’s a bit problematic automating conference calls. Suppose one of the people you send a call to is on the phone or unavailable, now you have their voicemail as a conference participant.

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