Dial from extension works, AMI Originate One Way Sound

Not sure if this belongs here or the Asterisk forums.
If I dial (microsip) an outside line on our Trunk it connects we both side can speak/hear.
If I use the following dialplan, ami action we get connected and the outside line can hear the local extension but not the other way around.


exten => ami_testparam2,1,Answer()
same => n,NoOp(testparm=‘${testparm}’, testparm2=‘${testparm2}’**)
same => n,Dial(Local/6006@from-internal)
same => NoOp(**********************************************************************)
same => n,Hangup()

AMI Command:

I’ve spent a couple days looking and cli debug output and pjsip logging but don’t know what to try from here.
Any suggestions on where I should start looking would be appreciated.

This is a symptom of your PBX being behind a NAT router without the full RTP port range being actively forwarded. SIP Port Forwarding - #3 by lgaetz

Thanks for the link, the simple one line test is great for validating!
channel originate local/xxxxxxxxxx@from-internal application echo

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