Dial feature codes from external phone

Hi Everyone,

I am pretty new to FreePBX and loving it! I have one question. How would I get an external cell phone to call into the PBX system to dial a feature code (Call Flow *281)? I am looking to be able to set the system to a recorded message when I am at lunch and forgot to push the code in before I left the office.

Is this possible and if so what is the best way to implement this?

If you want to be able to connect to the server from your cell phone and control it, you could set up a “DISA” connection that gives you a dial tone in the local network. Call it anything you want, but make sure to include a PIN.

After that, set up an inbound route with your cell phone’s Caller ID in the Caller ID field and mark the route as A CID Priority route. Set the destination of this inbound route to the DISA that you set up above. This way, when you call, you get a dial tone on the server. Dial your control code to set whatever function you want, including being able to call out from the server. If you need to get hold of someone on the PBX, just dial their extension.

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Genius cynjut! I am going to work on that tonight to see if I can get it all working. I really appreciate the help!

I just set everything up. I decided to have a special code in the IVR that the user punches in. Then it takes them to the DISA with a pass code as well. Worked like a charm! Thanks for the great advice!