Dial Extension while call is on hold


I have an extension setup (1666). When this extension is dialed it automatically answers and playing music from my streaming service.

I want to use this as my music on hold option but have no idea as to how I’d configure FreePBX. Basically I’d like the flow to be like:

  1. Answer Call
  2. Play custom music by using extension 1666.
  3. When operator is available they answer and continue as normal.


  1. When put on hold play music from extension 1666.

Any insight would be much appreciated.

Alan M

I’m not sure how you setup 1666.

To do what you want, you can create a new Music on Hold category that uses your steam in the Music on Hold Module (Under Settings)


Then you can setup a Queue with the operator extension in it and set the MOH to your streaming MOH.

Then you can also set this MOH on your inbound and outbound route.

EDIT: You can also edit the default MOH to use a stream, that way you don’t need to specify in the Queue nor in any other module to use your stream since it’ll use the default category.

Thanks! Sadly our provider does not support an http stream. We had to purchase a device so we can play music through the App they provide. It’s all setup so when I dial internally extension 1666 it plays the music.

Is there a way to do something like this using a custom application for the MOH?

It does not necessarily need to be an http stream.

Again. What does 1666 do? How does it stream the music from your device?

We have a device (SNOM PA1) which acts as a SIP phone. It automatically answers and plays whatever is being received into the devices input (Microphone or External Media).

This is the device configured to register as 1666.

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