Dial Extension from Voicemail

I’ve got a client that wants to be able to call someone, and if they get their voicemail, to be able to reach another extension.

ie… call sales, they are busy so you get their voicemail, before leaving voicemail, dial 0 or whatever to reach an operator or another dept…

Can I do this with VMX Locator or what would I use and how?

this has gotta be do-able…

Isn’t that built into VMX locator?

Best thing to do is play with it and see how it works…


Go to this link:

Here you will find almost all information about VmX Locator and how to use it.

OK. This is doable. I just tried it. Here’s what you do:

(1) Create a system recording with fragments of Allison. I used these: “enter-ext-of-person” + “or” + “press-pound” + “for” + “directory-assistance” and save the system recording.

(2) Create an IVR with the announcement set to the system recording you created above.

(3) Stroke “Enable Directory” and “Enable Direct Dial” on the IVR setup screen and save the IVR

(4) Create a ring group with no extensions making note of the extension you use to create it.

(5) Set the ring group’s no-answer destination to the IVR you created above.

(6) Save the ring group and then dial the ring group extension to test the IVR.

(7) Enable VMX locater on the user voice mailboxes and set “Press 1” to the extension of the ring group.

(8) If desired, instruct users to record voice mail greeting to include the instructions “Press 1 to dial another extension” along with their greeting.

I’m running FreePBX 2.5 RC 2.4 but I believe this is all available on FreePBX 2.4.

Also note that I have the extra-sounds package loaded so I’m not sure if all the Allison voice fragments I used above are available in a basic install. If not, just record your own system greeting to say what you need it to.

Caveat: You can only transfer to an extension. It will not let you transfer to a ring group, page access, park code or anything that is not a valid extension.

Thanks for all the great suggestions… I was thinking of doing it the same way pretty much, but just couldn’t get the system to recognize ANY dialing when in voicemail. I had to go into voicemail.conf and set operator=yes.

This can also be done via FreePBX on a per extension basis by setting it in the “VM Options” area I believe.