Dial by Name directory

I am running freePBX 2.8.1 release 12, on asterisk I have an issue with Dial by Name feature. When used, the system spells the name of every possible match found. If the names are lengthy and 2-3 matches are found, this process could take a long time, and easily becomes annoying. Instead of spelling the names, is there a way of making the system play the recording each user makes as their announced name during VM box setup?


What you are describing is the default behavior. It only spells the name with text to speech if the user has not recorded a greeting.

I am not sure what “release 12” is of FreePBX, that’s not a FreePBX designation.

2.8 is end of life, you should upgrade to 2.9 and consider 2.10 if you have the dependencies installed.

I think in 2.10 there was still two types of directories. You want to make sure you are using the “directory” application.

I followed your suggestion and upgraded to 2.9. Made sure that greeting message and name announcement are recorded and still no luck. Only the unavailable message was recorded does that matter?
I am a bit of a novice at this, how do I make sure that the system is using the “directory” application.
On a separate note I am using Cisco SPA525g2 hand sets. The directory of the users comes up empty when the associated button on the phone is pressed. I got the same exact suggestion to get that to work. But am not sure what that process entails.

Thanks for your help!

The phone directory is a different issue. The phone directory has to have a data source. FreePBX does not directly support an LDAP connector. Usually corporate directories are handled outside the phone system.

As far as the directory app, what do you have your IVR or misc. destination pointed to? It should be the directory applications.