Dial an extension directly from outside

I got the following setup:

  • Small office, 5 users/extensions
  • One office DID number, say +353-1-XXXXXXX
  • DID number comes in via a SIP trunk and we
    are allowed a suitable number of channels (20)
  • Also got an IVR where callers can enter the extension
    number and get connected to the user they wish to reach.

Now my question:

Is there any way to allow an external caller to reach say user
100 by dialing +353-1-XXXXXXX100 and bypass the IVR completely?

I tried it from my mobile and the message I get is: “The number you are trying to reach is not available. Please check the number and dial again”.

Could this be a Free PBX message or is it from my mobile provider or DID provider?

I am asking because I noticed some callers just hang up when they get to the IVR.


I know of no way to do that. That is what DIDs are for. You SIP provider will not pass any extra digits that you append to the DID on to you.

Think about it. They make money selling DIDs. If they had a system to allow you to have a single DID and reach multiple people they would not have that revenue stream.

No it’s generally not possible, dialing a phone number is basically using the MSD (most significant digits) of E164 to complete a call to an answering service.

With the exception of some German and Austrian “exchanges” ( but they follow ISDN further than most) the butt stops there and the phone will ring, you will need to answer at that MSD conclusion by your system and so redirect downline at your whim.

I think you are right. Added extension gets swallowed by provider or at least it does not reach the PBX. Just checked the call logs and there is no entry when I dial +353-1-XXXXXXX100 from my mobile.

So I would possibly just buy 4 more DIDs and problem is sorted.

I just realized than when I said the “butt stops there” will confuse most. A butt is a butt-set, that phoneguys hang on their butts to diagnose phone shit, The “Buck stops here” is a term that generally means “it’s your shit from now on”. OK it’s an old joke, but one that I hope at least some old farts who know what they are talking about will appreciate.

sorry to confuse the dilettantes . . .

:slight_smile: one week Free PBX experience, so far…

I have learned over the years that I am always right, except when I am wrong, in this case I believe I am right :wink: