DHCP failed error

When trying to setup extension to a new phone with a new mac address, I come across an issue of getting a “DHCP Failed” message when booting up the phone. The only change that I performed was deleting the previous .cfg files with the old mac address listed with the extension. I unplugged my phone to test and after plugging it back up, I get the same DHCP failed message. Worried about this happening to all the phones that become unplugged. I already did a restore of just the tftp boot folder successfully to see if that would resolve the issue but it did not. Also could be an issue outside of what I did. I have removed files from tftp boot folder numerous times.

This doesn’t really sound like anything with the TFTP folder. Sounds like the DHCP server for the network is not handing out the IP address to the phone on the network. I would look at whatever device on your network does DHCP and verify that it’s running.

Don’t conflate DHCP with provisioning, DHCPD mostly needs to be the sole server on your network that essentially assigns unique addresses to a DHCP client , nowadays phones mostly get their provisioning from an https service bypassing dhcp/66 (TFTP) but of course needing an ip address from a single working DHCPD server that assigns it in the same local net as the provisioning server

Firewall is handing out IP addresses and is our DHCP server. Verified that its working properly.

Something is up with your phone or the network port it’s connected to as it doesn’t sound like it’s getting an IP address from your firewall.

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