Devtools for Github

Is anyone updating the dev tooling (GitHub - FreePBX/devtools) so that it works with Github?

@BlazeStudios @jfinstrom @bueller @bueller @bueller ?

Just curious…

Honestly, I haven’t looked at it. After spending a lot of 2023 trying to get some development done on v17 and everything being outdated, having errors or just constant continual problems with the entire dev environment setup I kind of just lost the drive. I mean I’ve asked questions and @jfinstrom has asked questions about all this and they have gone unanswered.

Not to mention the entire migration from atlassian being a complete mess and taking way more time than it should and still not completed. I’m not sure who really thought that releasing an alpha/beta version of the PBX and at the same time take down the entire issue/bug tracker so no one could easily report issues, findings or fixes was a great idea…but it wasn’t. It was a horrible decision.

I have felt that v17 has been the least transparent and “open-sourcey” release of FreePBX that I’ve ever seen.

Nov 10th we were told the move to Github and all the migration was underway. Yeah, it’s now getting close to 90 days into the move. How’s that coming along, @lgaetz? Because it doesn’t look like it is close to being done.

Dec 6th, a month after FreePBX v17 “beta” was released, we were told

We’re working toward a release in the coming weeks of a full solution to replace the FreeBPX SNG7 Distro.

Again, we’re clocking into 60 days after that announcement and not a peep or update on anything that has been going on. I’d ask for clarification on what “coming weeks” are such as a few weeks or a few months, but doubt it would be answered just like none of the other questions asked already.

I’m really trying to understand how two teams in the same company doing pretty much the same exact migration project are having wildly different results. Asterisk team did this with almost no hiccups, minor issues, it was well communicated through out and it was done in a rather timely fashion. Where as this…yeah…not so much.

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I didn’t realize it, but I think I’ve felt the same way. Not that I think the community has been intentionally excluded, but the several changes over the recent months (repos & documentation specifically) have discouraged what community involvement there was. I’m looking forward to the project getting over this hump and especially seeing more engagement on github.

I’ve said before and I guess I’ll say again, on the matter of transparency and open-sourc-iness of the project, participation by the developers in the community forum used to go a long way to making the community feel connected to development. No shade cast on @lgaetz who deserves every popularity contest win he gets, but that’s one man representing FreePBX engineering. Shout out to @jcolp and @mdavenport who tend to show up here quickly to talk about Asterisk and phone firmware engineering issues.

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w0rd. It’s a hump, It’s no one’s favorite situation. Right now I’m waiting on some people to discover, for themselves, because I think they’re really close to it and I feel like they want the satisfaction of lab-ing it up, that a phone that’s dual-registered should receive a call from either the primary or alternate host - at least that’s how it used to work. But yeah, the interaction we’ve seen on the Asterisk-side post-Github move, has been very encouraging.

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