Deviceless Extensions

I need to an extension that does not have a specific device tied to it.
I other words an extension that when dialed will go directly to voice-mail

I tried setting up an extension by choosing “custom”
“I am sorry and error has occured”

What am i doing wrong?

that should work. You can also make bogus SIP device. (or just switch to deviceanduser mode and make a user only, which is exactly that, at virtual user. (which, in 2.6, you will have an option to create even when in extension mode).

How do u switch to deviceanduser mode and how is a bogus sip device created.

Ok i found the deviceanduser thanks for tip i will test tomorrow.

BTW… what is the default behavior of a SIP extension when the SIP phone is offline. if the ext is called should it go directly to VM or will it generate an error?