Device ring context

Hi All,

Anyone familliar what context rings the sip endpoint(device) on extensions_additional.comf?

I’m working on doing a custom script, but I need to insert it on the point where it rings a device, ergo the logic below:

  1. calls come in
  2. rings a device(lets say extension 1234)
  3. before answer, execute a agi(i know how to do this) to a php script

The problem I have is I don’t know what context ringing the sip device is. I plan to add the agi call there using the custom field in extensions_custom.conf.

Any help greatly appreciated guys!

When you run ‘asterisk -rvvv’ you can see the call flow exactly. I suggest you just watch that and you will then be able to put your AGI wherever you want it.

Thanks! Will give that a run.