Device for Hard of Hearing or Deaf?

Has anyone had to support an ADA user on their system? If so, what device do you recommend?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve purchased a number of items in the past from here: They sell a number of attachments for phones to allow hearing aid users to use phones and also have hearing loop equipment for the same purpose. It’s a UK site but will give you an idea.

It depends on what the impairment is, many phones like the Digium line are Hearing Aid Compatible, using acoustic coupling. If the user has a hearing aid with a telecoil you can go with the Jabra GN2125 Headset with Telecoil built in see , telecoils will typically only fit in the large behind the ear hearing aids, the smaller in the ear usually don’t have the room.

Telecoil is pretty neat, as it turns off the audio on the headset, and transmits directly to the hearing aid, and of course the hearing aids are tuned to increase and accomodate for frequencies that the user can’t detect. When I used to own wireless stores, one of the things I would do was to partner with local audiologist. I would stock HATIS devices in my stores to make it easier for our mutual customers to utilize wireless devices. I’m not sure if the hatis device is still around as their site seems a bit dated, but the Jabra I mentioned before utilizes basically the same technology.

I also recently did a system for an assisted living facility that utilized analog, big button / loud phones in the residents rooms, ran them off a Sangoma Vega 5000 (available in the Portal store by the way.)