Device Default User Question?

Can anyone explain the Default User xxx setting under the Devices section? Maybe I’m using this in the wrong manner but I was assuming if you set a default user in that field that this user would be logged in automatically on that device once the device is created? Also, are there any circumstances where a user can be logged out? Like a server reboot? Or once a user is logged in it remains that way unless they log out or someone logs in on top of them on that device?



The best info I’ve seen on Devices and users is here:

That may get you started.

If a device is “fixed”, it is assigned to one user and does not allow logging in or logging out.
If a device is “adhoc”, it allows logging in and logging out. Only one user at a time can be logged into a single device. The default user is logged in whenever no one else is logged onto the device. A user may be logged into multiple devices. A user remains logged into a device until logged out. The list of devices that the user is logged into is stored in the astdb, so this should survive a reboot.

Thanks, Seth


Thanks for the info! Seems like the default user may be broken in the latest FreePBX. I just did an install at a customers and set defaults to all the devices. When I made a call to another ex I found that none of the default users where logged in. Luckily the system only had 20 extensions so I just ran around and logged everyone in real quick. My fear is that some of the users my tinker around and log themselves out and not know what to do from there. FYI this works out great for WiFi SIP phones. This way a user who needs to wander around the office for the day can just pick up a free phone, log in, then log out when they are done with it! Very nice. I have a PBX that is running version I’ll do some tinkering to see if the default works on this system vs the customers and post back later.