Device and User mode


I had understood that the Device And User Adhoc Mode behaved as follows:

There are devices (phones) and people must login as a user in order to make and receive calls. However, the behaviour haven’t been this exactly. Instead, outgoing calls through my Dahdi trunk are allowed despite being logged in as an user.

My intention is to have dynamic workstations and outbound calls should only be allowed once a user has logged in. Is this possibles using DeviceAndUser? Or is there any other feature that i can use?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Rabih Bou Orm

I’m not using device and user mode but I am using Aastra handsets running their XML scripts. Using these I can have phones start at a login prompt (no dial tone) and then a user (extension) can login using their extension number and voicemail password. This works very well. I have 100 phones setup. Users can hot-desk so they can login to any phone.


You might need to write your own context to restrict, i believe we have discussed this in the forum but i am not sure where, do a search.

The idea is to do this.

Each device will have say strictmode context

So in strictmode context, check if ASTDB field for user is not blank, if not blank, send the call back into from-internal