Device and user mode dead?

Hi Folks,

I’m just curious - what is the long term plan for Device and User Mode? I was on the Webinar last week with Tony Lewis about the REST Apps. Tony indicated Schmooze wasn’t planning on supporting REST Apps for Device and User Mode.

So that got me to wondering if the long term plan is to move away from Device and User Mode? After reading the forums, blogs etc, there are a lot of indications that it is overly complex to implement and yet also very useful to users. But - no definitive answers that I could find whether it was getting kept or axed.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Its not something we build or test for and have not in years. It still exist as even in extension mode their is a user and a device they just happen to be the same. When they become different things get ugly really fast. When you try and have more then 1 device to a user things also get really ugly really fast.

I’m reading between the lines here - please correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds like as cool as Device and User mode seems, we should probably steer clear of it if maintenance and long term support are a priority. Does that sound reasonable?

Yes. Furthermore Asterisk 12 itself supports multiple registrations to one “Extension” so as Asterisk progresses more and more D&U mode is needed less and less. D&U is not depreciated as of yet, but it might be someday in the far far far future.

Awesome. Thanks for the feedback and replies! Any tips or gotcha’s to look out for when switching from D&U to extension mode?

Try to set as many devices to fixed as you can, if anything doesn’t show up when you switch you can switch back and keep fiddling with it. Nothing will get deleted in the process

tm1000 - thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion and it does seem to be working. However, I think Im going to drop the tables and re-init the db per the instructions SkykingOH gave me in the General forum. I’m not that far in that this isn’t doable. My main concern is of course my installation ID and commercial modules.

I’m figuring I’d rather spend a few extra hours reconfiguring now, than spend days with something blown up because of some unforeseen issue.