Determine If Patch is Included in Distro

Is there an easy way to determine if a given Asterisk patch is included in a FreePBX distribution? I have no issue with downloading the source and patch, and recompiling, but I wanted to avoid potentially doing unnecessary work if possible.

For example, I am running FreePBX / 4.211.64-7 with Asterisk I am interested to know if Asterisk-17362 (Unsolicited SIP notifies cannot be routed to MWI lights on individual phones) and Asterisk-16862 (Exchange UM and SIP 302 sets Diversion on INVITE) are onboard, or if I need to download source and patch it.

Thanks very much, and apologies if this is a stupid question.

Here is a list of any changes we do to Asterisk.

To answer your questions no we rarely bring back patches into Asterisk from external sources.

Thanks for the update. On the MWI, I understand exactly what you mean. The diversion issue is an internal source, though, right?
Thanks again.

What I mean is until Digium releases it in a branch release we generally do not pull back patches.