Determine 1st inbound/IVR route into PBX

Phone calls are coming into specific ext 0004 based on the call log. There is an inbound route called 0004 but there is not an extension that is 004. The destination for the route is listed as time conditions/holiday, but we know from actually testing the system that it is going to a different IVR destination than the one that this time condition specifies. After reviewing the logs our test call is going into what is labeled as ext. 0004 in the log. Is an extension in the log the same as an inbound route? What are we missing that maybe causing inbound calls to route past the set destination for this inbound route?

A DID (or DDI in some locales) means ‘Direct Inward Dial’ so is usually a phone number that you bought from a VSP and had them route it to your server, 0004 is unlikely to be a real phone number, that screen is to route incoming calls to that number to destination in your box. It probably should be 205824004 not 0004

I will assume that you have two numbers here… an 800 number and one with a 205 prefix. Each number has to have it’s own inbound route and each has to have it’s own time condition/holiday ‘Set Destination’ input if that is what you are shooting for here. You must use the entire phone number under ‘DID Number’ as well for each instance. Otherwise, the PBX won’t have the slightest clue as to what you are telling it and it appears that yours has a sense of humor and is just winging it.

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