Detect voicemail for external forwarding

I have two extensions. 1001 is a set of office DECT phones and 1002 is the manager's smartphone normally connected via WiFi and reciving calls via SIP.

When a PSTN call comes in, a ring group calls both 1001 and 1002, and if neither answer within 20 seconds they are sent to the voicemail of extension 3000 (A communal office extension they anyone checks for messages).

The manager forwards his extension to his mobile cell phone when unavailable, so when he is away from the office WiFi he can still receive calls. This works well, until the manager's mobile operator voicemail service kick in. It's configured not to kick in until after 22 seconds, so assuming he leaves his phone ringing, this isn't a problem and ext 1001 can still answer the call or it will roll on to ext 3000 for the voicemail.

The problem comes when the manager is already on the phone, out of range or rejects the call - In this instance his voicemail kicks in early and answers the call. In the case of out of range this happens right away, not giving the staff in the office a change to answer ext 1001.

I know "confirm call" is the intended solution to this problem, but it is clunky and very difficult if the manager is driving (entering DTMF is tricky via bluetooth), so I was wondering if there is another way?

  • An android app which always sends a DTMF tone after answering a call from a particular incoming number (all forwarded calls appear to comes from the office).
  • Use of "Answer Machine Detection" to detect the Manager's specific voicemail. I hear results of AMD are patchy, but if we know what the exact voicemail sounds like in the first palce, surely it's easier to detect? 
  • Option for vocal call confirm (IE. Press 1 or say "Confirm" to confirm the call). I'd appreciate it if anyone has any tips? M